Food Safety


Food safety has and continues to gain increasing attention, regulations and importance over the years due to its impact on the health of consumers and the growth in the domestic and international trade in food products. Production of sustainable safe food is essential for protecting consumers from the hazards of foodborne illnesses. Further, food safety is ever changing and an integral part of food security and also contributes towards increasing competitiveness practices and systems in export markets. Food safety hazards exist, which may occur at different stages of the food chain starting right from primary production. Safety systems and practices extend to all stages, thru to secondary and tertiary processing, storage, distribution, and packaging, even at the final preparations stage for the plate.  It is therefore for those important reasons that we at EnhancedExchange address food safety starting from the farm level. Implementing good sustainable practices is integral to our work during on-farm production of agriculture and post-production processes as this is of immense importance for assuring a safe food supply.

Our agricultural practices are a “collection of principles that we apply for on-farm production and post-production processes, resulting in safe and healthy food and non-food agriculture products while taking into account economic, social and environmental sustainability”. Our designer food products™ quality, freshness, and delivery are the bedrock commitment of EnhancedExchange. This commitment is executed through the diligent execution of the company’s Hazard Analysis at Critical Control Points (HACCP) action plan. Because of the unique business plan of EnhancedExchange, the company controls the entire production, delivery chain of each food delivered. No other food company exercises this level of control. Because EnhancedExchange exercises control from the soil to the plate, HACCP can be executed and verified for the entire production, delivery chain. Also, this control allows for each food to be sourced and process verified. EnhancedExchange practices complete transparency with its customers so that each customer can rest assured that each food is absolutely safe and wholesome.

EnhancedExchange executes HACCP as a systematic approach to the identification, evaluation, and control of food safety hazards. The company executes HACCP through vigilant adherence to Standard Operating Procedures based on seven principles:

  1. Conduction of hazard analyses
  2. Determination of critical control points (CCPs)
  3. Establishment of critical limits at each CCP
  4. Establishment of monitoring procedures for each critical limit
  5. Establishment of corrective actions as needed
  6. Establishment of verification procedures
  7. Establishment of record-keeping and documentation procedures

Through contracts early in the process, EnhancedExchange assures quality and safety control through implementation of its hazard and quality analysis of critical control points (HACCP and QACCP respectively), policies. These policies achieve an increase in the stringency over time, providing the company progressive controls over the production/delivery process, which results in a stream of our designer food products™ that increasingly deliver to its customers, consistently. Through this process, a survey of each market is undertaken as to our designer food products™ quality characteristics deemed important. These surveys receive analysis as to the uniformity of the market in terms of the satisfaction achieved in order to determine significant fractionation patterns in the market. These quality characteristics conducive to satisfying eating experiences receive translation into food product specifications, providing comprehensive descriptions of desired products. These descriptions are available for use to delineate the critical control points and define the essential, threshold activities necessary at the critical control points to assure that the designer food products™ consistently exceed our market desires. EnhancedExchange considers all characteristics deemed important by each discrete market to be of penultimate importance and configures each production system to ensure consistent delivery of foods characterized by these characteristics.

The most fundamental characteristic of any food in any market is safety. EnhancedExchange guarantees through control of each production/delivery system that, above all else, all fresh and frozen food delivered to all markets is safe to consume. As this process proceeds into execution, we establish distinctive products imminently desired by a targeted discerning market. These products are then “branded”, and pricing occurs in a manner consistent with market demand. The branding of these distinctive, high qualities, high-value products provide the company with the visibility and reputation required to gain customer loyalty. We consider our customers a part of the production/delivery team, thereby gaining customer loyalty through their inclusion in the process for which the customer is an integral component of this team. This perspective looks at food security through vulnerability, adds to the calls for operational excellence, which offers paths to new governance for improving risk management in general as population increases geometrically and food increases arithmetically. In particular, risks related to secured, safe food import dependencies that decrease to ensure food is accessible and not closely linked to systemic risks.

Food safety