News 15/02

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Dear Reader,

The assault on the American Capitol was an attack on democracy itself, with its rule threatened by leaders empowered solely by consent, chosen by and accountable to the people alone. The calamity is that the mayhem was based on lies as the gang tried to halt a vote not stolen, protest a system not rigged, and salvage a country not settled. It was an insurgency in pursuit of a fever dream, driven primarily by a president clinging to power at any cost. The U.S capital events were not only Trump’s darkest moment but also one of the nation’s history’s darkest points. Instead, a leader who pledged to uphold and protect the Constitution decided to promote turmoil, violence, obstructionism leading to an armed insurrection at the doorsteps of American democracy. This event reminded us that We all have to continue the work every day to preserve and expand democracy. We also need to keep up and improve this work every day.  The coming Congress and government mark a new country chapter. We need to remember what happened, plus the real reasons, and we must keep fighting for America to be more equitable and just.

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Chief Communications Officer