Notice: The COVID-19 pandemic

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Dear Reader,

COVID-19 can be a significant driver in freight transportation between ports and can affect timely movements. These charges can be expensive for the shipper and cause delays.  Given the time, effort, and resources involved, the impact these changes may have on a business’s global supply chain is vital to consider. Of course, the broader spread of EnhancedExchange supply chain is, the higher the chance for us to incur these charges throughout the various ports worldwide. Adding to the confusion, different locations, carriers, and ports have different rules and regulations, all of which translate to additional complexities and costs. Despite the pandemic’s challenges, our vibrant team continues to address current high-velocity situations, ranging from delayed to instantaneous and from more extensive personnel requirements. The pace and disruption events continue, which in turn force EnhancedExchange to adjust, adapt, provide for, and re-think details, costs, chargebacks, credits, and carry costs. We thereby address the eventuality of such unforeseen circumstances by offering customers an analytical assessment on fertile grounds.

Moreover, we continue our efforts and affirm how we do business by illustrating open communication and disclaimers for deploying the best action as applicable. Consequently, we take every precaution to meet each product’s hygiene and sanitation standards to ensure delivery at the destination port of choice. EnhancedExchange will take every precaution to ensure no restrictions and no causes for a delay in delivering the products that are being ordered. However, due to the ongoing disruption at the port ship’s queuing time, it may take up to, but not limited to, ten days to be at berth. Those issues can vary from day to day as to the volume of traffic at the respective port. Port congestion is a big problem for detention and demurrage charges and can have a tremendous impact on our supply chain’s efficiency and how much one must pay in D&D fees. Accordingly, we are proactively addressing uncertainties, along with our open notification of ongoing effort. EnhancedExchange as much as practicable shall enable these times to be incorporated into the delivery period’ and shall notify you of such an occurrence.

Scheduling of delivery may also encompass some unforeseen circumstances; due to the absence or lack of personnel or lockdown, some deliveries may take longer than expected. Once possible, these will be built into the contract’s delivery time; where an extension is needed, we will inform you of such matters. EnhancedExchange will mitigate the loss number of days by re-planning the logistics and transport. When and where third parties request inspections, EnhancedExchange shall ensure that inspections are carried out where appropriate. However, despite reasonable efforts due to lockdown or lack of inspectors when needed, some delays may be mitigated. Those uncertainties can be a confusing and frustrating endeavor to deal with. We must take bold action together to ensure business with all the moving parts is anchored in sustainable equity during these unprecedented times. Therefore, we reserve the right to make determinations, adjustments without cause or notice to implement changes to our policies, guidelines, and procedures as we see appropriate for circumstances beyond our control.

Chief Communications Officer