News 02/02

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Dear Reader,      

There was far more to be done than just putting to the test U.S democracy on January 6. Our very values are already under threat from increasingly authoritarian governments worldwide; thus, we were under attack on the streets and steps of the U.S Capitol. We must remember that this event happened in Washington, D.C., the capital of one of the world’s oldest democracies. I suspect few would have expected to use such words of condemnation about America until four years ago. We have never been blind to the mote in America’s eye, a society with its pocket of State Rights containing a brutal share of racial injustice and economic exclusion. Still, we do, like so many, have counted on the authority of America’s democratic process to provide a way forward free of bad actors and providing light on injustices. However, a contrasting moment of democratic victory is not eradicating the violent effort to reverse an election.  America’s moral leadership was sewn in the flames of a relative few in their final throws as purportedly the media illustrates what happened. Authoritarians welcomed the fall of American democracy, for little do they realize the error of their comprehension.

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