News 03/02

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Dear Reader,

January 6 events was a massive strategic blunder as President Biden will seek to put together an international partnership of liberal democracies to deal with the bullying loutish behavior and assault on international rules by others. The terrible scenes on Capitol Hill illustrate the levels of dissent Donald Trump have respectively changed the Republican party. Amongst the countless and severe personal, professional, political, financial, and medical challenges and setbacks we have all experienced recently in our families, homes, workplaces, state, and nation, the light continues to shine in the darkness. However, there will be enough time for thoughtful reflection about the path forward to restore the health of democracy and reduce the polarization that has prevented effective action to address the American people’s needs. The Black Lives Matter demonstrators were suppressed with the National Guard’s brute force last year as they peacefully demonstrated. The authorities’ behaver did not contradict white supremacists overtaking the U.S Capitol with little security presence.

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