News 08/02

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Dear Reader,

The shocking events of January 6 have shaken American democracy to its essence. Incited by the incumbent President, the mob temporarily took over the U.S Capitol and tried to prevent Congress from exercising its constitutional duty to confirm the representations of the American people’s choice for their next President. Fortunately, the effort proved unsuccessful. Indeed, it highlighted the fundamental resilience of democracy. At a time of great danger, the congressional and judicial branches have rallied to protect the constitutional system and the dominion of law features that have differentiated the United States during its nearly (250) two hundred fifty-year story. There will be enough time for thoughtful reflection about the path forward to restore the health of democracy and reduce the polarization that has prevented effective action to address the American people’s needs. To recommit to the aspiration of the good one shall endure in making the United States a beacon of freedom and equality for the world. The President has broken the official oath and betrayed public faith by his actions.

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Chief Communications Officer