News 09/02

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Dear Reader,

We sum things up today with a reminder that democracy is indeed the very worst form of Government, except for all the others. Clarity enables communication about social dynamics; not a word or gesture is needed. This happens quickly and can lead to the mistaken perception that it can move things in our surroundings. The automatic reaction occurs even if the person rejects the idea that vision exerts a physical force. The country may be divided as half the country is dismal today while the other half rejoices, but no matter who holds elected office, the principles we stand for have not changed. We will continue the fight by redoubling our efforts to advance our shared cause further and insist upon shining the light of freedom into the darkness. We are grateful to our bones for your continued support and hope you are proud of standing with us to achieve significant victories. We are in solidarity with blacks, natives, people of color, and their struggles against racism and double standards. This moment should also encourage us to reflect on the racism that is now in open display, but that is a profoundly rooted stain in the history of the United States and many countries.

Happy Reading!
Chief Communications Officer