News 10/02

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Dear Reader,

We are facing a foe, one far more powerful than this moment. This attack was not an isolated occurrence but rather an insurrection in the making. From the forced eviction of American Indians from their lands, America has since its founding approved white supremacy for enslavement and black bodies’ torture.  White supremacy has beaten back previous attempts at shaping an inclusive, multi-ethnic democracy, from the forcible development of Jim Crow’s unwieldy Civic War Victories to the backlash against economic justice, gender equality, and the 20th-century racial justice. In recent years, the effort to reassert law and order has manifested in restrictive immigration policies, Tea Party disruptions, and massive MAGA rallies. The United States can no longer point its fingers at foreign adversaries to the detriment of recognizing failures and systemic problems in the country. America’s own home must be organized first by policies that promote its system and society’s resilience. We urge for healing and a reckoning with the white supremacist ideology driving these threats to democracy.

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Chief Communications Officer