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News 01/02

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Dear Reader,

The Electoral College has voted, and then Congress oversaw the Electoral College votes certification presentment. Hoping to curry favor with rightwing extremists, some publicity-hungry politicians have furthered lies and misinformation, purposely inciting anger and frustration in supporters of the President. On January 6, we saw the impact of those lies. Windows of the Capitol were smashed, congressional offices invaded, domestic insurrectionists roamed the most sacred halls of power, and at least one person entering was shot and killed in the melee. This dark effort took the form of ethnonationalism, taking selfies with Capitol Police and others breaking and entering lawmakers’ offices, in perfect contrast to the militarized police presence deployed on Black and brown Americans when they protest peacefully. These were shocking, shameful, and disgusting behavior and images seen across the United States and worldwide, and those numerous parties responsible should help the country move forward by resigning. Our duty and responsibility are to act now and create a radically fairer, stable, and inclusive democracy for our future.

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Chief Communications Officer