Red Meat Science and Production: The Book in 2 Volumes is now available!

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It is our pleasure to announce that our vice president of scientific development, Dr. HOLLOWAY, and Dr. WU, in accordance with Mr. FERDINAND, CEO & president of Enhanced Exchange has published their book, summarizing many years of their respective research undertakings across several continents. This book presents a comprehensive description of the biological underpinnings of red meat production, discussing the current state of the science in the context of provision of red meat products perceived by consumers to offer a quality eating experience. Indeed, day after day, food is becoming, if not, has already become, an important and sensible matter, inclusive of nutrition and health benefits to everyone. Markedly, some people say we should stop eating animal products, some others clearly disagree, but how can we make our own decision when both sides have their brief marketing arguments? This scientific reference book focuses on one of the most controversial animal products: Red Meat! Our authors will answer your questions such as: “Is red meat just food, or is it inherently more complex than that? Where does my steak come from? What were the steps taken to ensure its edibility? Which factors influence the prices of Red Meats? Is it bad or healthy for me?” This book will explicitly give you an insight concerning the environmental impact that ruminal fermentation has, but also the science, discoveries, and technologies to reduce these after-effects. Another subject that this book addresses the question of death as well as the living conditions of cattle and what we can do to enhance each. Likewise, it is essential to understand that there are different quality types of red meat, the premium cuts, middle meats, and the potentiality of meat by-products. Finally, the first volume brings you a new approach which allows a more consistent, quality of beef products and eating experience. The second volume has other secrets to share!

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